Statement by Georgian Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili Print Version

By making today's statement and disseminating yet another lie, Mikheil Saakashvili, unfortunately, continues his attempts to aggravate us and force us to abandon our policy, evading this way the actual action plan offered by us. Therefore, I would like to state that:

• Although it is absolutely untrue that I have ever urged anyone to annihilate the National Movement - Moreover, this type of terminology can be found in the vocabulary of the National Movement itself, one of the examples of which is the pre-election appeal to "annihilate the opposition as a social class";
• Although the February 8 violent acts were in their majority instigated through premeditated provocations by members of his own team, and the representatives of the president's guard of 3 500 people did not participate in ensuring order either;
• Although it is very hard to listen to the main artificer behind the November 7 and May 26 vandalism lecturing us and moralizing on the February 8 events;

My responsibility to the country impels me to confirm once again the offer I made in my February 9 statement. The agenda offered by us also remains the same:

1. To launch the parliamentary procedures of voting on the constitutional amendments on the revocation of the president's right to appoint a new government without the parliament's consent;
2. To achieve cross-faction agreement on the priorities of the country's foreign policy;
3. To establish the State Constitutional Commission which, in cooperation with foreign and Georgian experts, will develop drafts of other amendments to be made to the constitution, including an amendment to the preamble that may reflect the historic decision of the Georgian people in relation to Europe;
4. To create working groups promptly to address all important issues and coordinate positions.

In addition, I would like to assure everyone that we have no intention of engaging in futile and lengthy negotiations. Neither do we intend to let anyone buy time this way. I would like to repeat yet once again that consent given by the president and his team on the abolition of a totally unprecedented constitutional norm in the democratic world - while taking into consideration any substantiated comments they may have - and returning to the parliament its due rights will be an act of practicing what they preach, paving the way for the regulation of all other issues. In such a case, as I hope, the parliament too will be able to hear the president's annual speech in the nearest future.

As to negotiations, the Speaker of the Parliament has never terminated his dialogue with the parliamentary minority. Since top priority issues must be resolved in the parliamentary debate format, he is willing to resume consultations at once and, if necessary, meet with the President of Georgia as well. Of course, as this process looms, I too will be ready to participate in these meetings.

Georgian Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili