Prime Minister’s Visit to Spain Print Version

On 25-28 October, Prime Minister of Georgia Nika Gilauri was on a visit to Spain.

As part of the visit, the Prime Minister of Georgia met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain Miguel Angel Moratinos and Chairman of the Congress of Spain Jose Bono Martinez. Besides, Prime Minister Nika Gilauri delivered a lecture on economic issues in the University of Madrid.

The Georgian Prime Minister took part in the business forum held in Madrid, advising the participants of the business forum and Spanish businessmen of the attracting investment environment in Georgia. The Spanish businessmen expressed interest in the tourism business development opportunities in Georgia.

"A few businessmen expressed their wish to open their representations in Georgia. They believe that they can cover the Georgia Caucasian and Middle Asian markets. We'll have support in our negotiations towards signing the Free Trade Agreement. Quite a few well-known businessmen are coming to the meeting. I hope I can convince them of the fact that investing in Georgia is going to be a profitable undertaking. My core message to them is to keep them informed about the Georgian economic reality to make sure investments keep coming," Nika Gilauri said.

Prime Minister's Press Service