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The Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri was on his working visit in London where Annual Meeting of Meeting of Managers of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Business Forum were held on May 13-17, 2009.

During his visit in London the Georgian Prime Minister met British MP, Head of United Royal Delegation to NATO Parliamentary Assembly Bruce George. At the meeting the parties discussed the current events in Georgia.

"Most of all they were worried about the relation with Russia. The main subject of discussion with Great Britain is what are the matters with Russia and what measures they are taking towards Georgia. And in the parliament, we talked about international matters rather than internal policy scene. We have full support from Great Britain with respect to Russia. It concerns both EU representatives in Georgia and others - financial support from Brussels Conference", said Nika Gilauri.

The Georgian Prime Minister also met the Minister for Europe Caroline Flint. At the meeting the discussed economical and energy matters. According to the Minister of European Affairs, Great Britain is interested in establishing relations with Georgia and supports Georgia in difficulties which occurred in Georgia in summer 2008.

According to the Georgian Prime Minister, the meeting also touched different issues. "First, this was energy projects which are vitally important both for Europe and Great Britain, including Nabuco, Tetri Nakadi through which Georgia will became a rather good partner for Europe.

Moreover, we also talked about mutual relations between Georgia and Great Britain. Currently we are conducting negotiations regarding double taxation agreement. The negotiations are finishing and we'll sign this agreement approximately in two months", said Nika Gilauri.

Nika Gilauri also was present at the closing of Wine Festival EXCEL in London Exhibition Centre where several Georgian wine-making companies were represented.

Besides the Prime Minister met EBRD Management. Nika Gilauri also took part in the meeting "Georgia's Development and Future Perspectives" held in one of the biggest research center "Chatham House".

One of the main subjects of the conversation was energy projects, including Nabuco Project. "Georgia will play a big role in implementation of this project. And so Russia, Baku-Ceyhan project, he said that there were no sufficient recourses for it. Nabuco is quite a real project as it will be filled with Turkish and Iranian gas besides Azerbaijanian gas that will enable Europe to obtain a real energy independence from Russia, - said Nika Gilauri at the meeting in Chatham House.

British experts emphasized on the reality of Nabuco Project and stated that after implementation thereof European counties will be supplied with natural gas resources. British experts also consider that Georgian, in terms of democracy, is one of the distinguished countries in the Caucasus.

The Prime Minister told the English experts and political scientists about the existing situation. The discussion touched the recent events, Georgia-Russia's relations and the process of ongoing economic reforms.

"The actions taken in the country are a part of democracy and meetings can be arranged in any country worldwide", said Nika Gilauri.

The Prime Minister also met the President of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Thomas Mirow. At the meeting they talked about implementation of certain projects, including development of the infrastructure.

During his stay in Britain the Prime Minister met the Director of Transport Department of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Sue Barrett, the Director of Financial Institutions of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Nick Tesseyman and the Director of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the Caucasus, Moldavia and Belarus Paul-Henry Forestier.

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