Sozar SubariSozar Subari

Date of Birth: November 4, 1964


1985 - Tbilisi State University, Faculty of History, specializing in Ethnography; 

1995 - Tbilisi Ecclesiastical Academy, Faulty of Theology;

Work Experience:

In 2009, he was elected member of the Council of Advisors of UN Supreme Commissar for Human Rights;

In 2004-2009 he was the Public Defender of Georgia;

In 2003-2004, he worked for Freedom Institute NGO in the position of Director of project - Rule of Law;

In 2002, he became a founder of Caucasian International Center for Journalists; 

At the same time, in 1996-2003, he was a correspondent of Freedom Radio, Free Europe Radio in Georgia, and in 1998-2001, correspondent of London War and Peace Reports Institute;

In 1995-1996, he was a correspondent of the Kavkasioni Newspaper, and in 1996-2000, the editor of the same newspaper;

In 1993, he participated in military operations taking place during armed conflict of Abkhazia;

At the same time, in 1989-1991, he served as a psalm-reader at Dmanisi, Dmanisi Sioni Temple, and in 1991-1995, at Temple of Iveria Virgin Mary Icon, in Tbilisi; 

In 1989-1991, he was the Principal of Public School of Boslebi Village, Dmanisi Region; 

In 1989, he became a hypodeacon by sanctification of Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia, Ilia II and served at David-Gareji Monastery as a psalm-reader;

In 1981-1982 and in 1988, he worked for Archeological Research Center of Academy of Science of Georgia, while, in 1987, for the ethnographic department of State Museum of Georgia;

He has a wife and three children.